Mittwoch, 30. Juni 2010

ABBA and Walt Disney

Sometimes both women looks like comic figures:

Why I hate this pic? Agnetha reminds me on this photo of clarabella cow. Take a look:

Same to this Pic of Frida:
She looks very sweet but a bit like Madame Mim:

Please don´t laugh!

Frida and Agnetha: Don´t be so foolish. Try to brace yourself!

they try to be serious

but: hours after Frida and Agnetha have seen Benny and Björn for the first time in their outfits for the 1979-tour:

ABBA and flowers II

Dienstag, 29. Juni 2010

abba and flowers I

Let´s talk about the important things ...

"yes... I can hardly believe it, but it´s true..."

"you have to be more concentrated.When I turn left, you have to turn right"

"yes, you´re teeth looks good."

"this is the recipe for the apple cake.."

"and for the cake you need 4 eggs..."

Montag, 28. Juni 2010

and Fridas Voice? It reminds me of an evening in october with red warmth shafts of sunlight, a good red wine or honey.

She can be a rock chick, a jazzy lady or an opera singer and she have erotic in her voice (just listen to Andante, Andante or Sista valsen med dig)

The voice of Agnetha always reminds me of an early morning. Blue sky, it´s a bit cold but one of these mornings that promised to get an wonderful day. :-)

She sounds like an angel - a very sexy one...
but... then comes 1991. ABBA-esque from Erasure, ABBA Gold and the ABBA-Revival. Lots of more photos from the band.
This was the second pic that I´ve seen:

and the third:

So I could see: The blonde Woman was very beautiful and sexy too...
But both women are so different... and their voices too

Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

It was 1990 when I listen to my first ABBA Cassette. It was a best-of cassette and I was shocked, when I saw the picture.
In this time, I think, that blonde Women are the most attractive (I´m a blond, I was a teenager and I want to be attractive :-)) but on this pic, the redhair woman look so much better (for me).